The stones of Matera

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The ancient stone city of Matera is one of the most beautiful and fascinating tourist destinations in southern Italy.


View hotel in Bora Bora, in which newlyweds stayed Aniston and Theroux

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Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux went on honeymoon in Bora Bora. The pair landed on the island on Thursday, a day after their super secret wedding in their mansion in Bel Air. They stayed at the luxurious five-star "Four Seasons", and which will mark the 44th birthday of Justin, which falls on 10 August.


Palmerston Island - paradise at the end of the world

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Imagine a place that remains pristine and nekomersializirano the rest of the world. Place in which, despite its exotic beauty and white sandy beaches are no hotels. A place where money not used. A place where time seems to have stopped. A place where all are friends. This place is called the island of Palmerston.


Palau - Pristine Paradise Palau

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Palau offers visitors luxury hotels and resorts and motels and bungalows.

While most of the archipelago guests prefer to stay in Koror, where the choice of resorts is larger, others choose private bungalows on the northern and southern islands. There are good opportunities for diving, canoeing, kayaking, walking on land, fishing, camping, hiking and more.


Lesbos Island - the island of the Tenth Muse

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Lesbos lies in the embrace of a special atmosphere. More than 2600 years ago the Greek poet Sappho lived on this island. She was glorified as the only female poet in ancient times. Plato himself spoke of her as "the tenth muse". 


Limassol- a Metropolis of Cyprus

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It is difficult to say what the history of Cyprus would have been if an English ship hadn’t got stuck in the shallows of the island in the spring of 1191. It diverted from its course during a storm and the self-proclaimed emperor of Cyprus Isaac Comnenus ordered the survivors of the shipwreck to be thrown into prison. 


Women warriors

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During World War II, women participated actively in hostilities. Women from USA, UK, USSR and Germany have been at the front alongside men, and others have provided food and supplies.

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