Travertine terraces of Huanglong Valley, China

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Huanglong (with Keith. "Yellow Dragon") is a picturesque protected area in the Northwest of Sichuan province in China, lying 150 miles northwest of Chengdu. Natural landmark is located at an altitude of more than 3000 metres above sea level in the southern part of the Minshan mountain range. Summer and spring nearby glades covered with colorful carpets of white, red, violet and purple flowers, and with the arrival of autumn, when the leaves on the trees turn yellow, landscapes are particularly charming.


Terrace Unkaj-an observation deck above the clouds, Japan

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On the picturesque Japanese resort Tomamu (Resort Tomamu) that in the Northwest city of Obihiro, Hokkaido Island, is a popular tourist attraction-terrace Unkaj ("Unkai Terrace), known to the whole world its nadobla─Źnym location. Lies high on Lookout Mountain, the peak of which often dominates the white veil of clouds. For many years the terrace attracts expanses family resort Tomamu a huge number of tourists wishing to enjoy the white fluffy sea, sailing directly beneath their feet.


Hotel Kakslauttanen, Finland

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Hotel Kakslauttanen is located in the northern part of Finnish Lapland on the territory of a picturesque Saariselkä. The hotel complex includes forty-five comfortable cottages, rooms "Royal Suite", one traditional Lapland and one luxury cottage honeymoon cottage. The houses are arranged quite remotely from each other, each of them has a small cozy patio, a kitchen and a small sauna. 


Ladera Resort, St. Lucia

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From cocoa plantations in 1982, Ladera is turned into a unique resort today. The rooms are "open wall" and have a unique design. All rooms have spectacular views of the West side.


Cabo San Lucas - Baja California

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Cabo San Lucas is often referred to as the Crown Jewel of Baja California. The peninsula itself is considered one of the most dry regions of the world. A thin strip of land stretching over a distance of 1247 km is much longer than the Apennine peninsula of Italy. Its main attraction is serving nature: mountains, rocks, azure bays, sand dunes, desert, covered with different types of cacti, mountain slopes, miles of beautiful white beaches, oases of date palms, beautiful sunrises and sunsets. The Interior of the peninsula is practically uninhabited, most cities are located on the coast.


The Taj Mahal - greatest monuments of India

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The Taj Mahal is one of the greatest monuments of India, constructed in the name of love and devotion to a woman of unusual beauty. Not having analogues of its greatness, it reflects the wealth of the whole epoch in the history of the State. Building of white marble was the last gift of the great Mongol emperor Shah Jahan his late wife Mumtaz Mahal. The Emperor ordered to find the best craftsmen andinstructed them to build the mausoleum, which had no analogues in the world. Todayit is included in the list of the seven most magnificent monuments in the world. Built from white marble and decorated with semiprecious stones and gold, the Taj Mahalhas become one of the most beautiful buildings in the world of architecture. It isinstantly recognizable and one of the most photographed structures in the world.


Burj al Arab - Dubai 7 star hotel

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The star of the Persian Gulf and more precisely Dubai is the world famous Burj al Arab hotel. The Arabs built this unique hotel with the idea to show off in front of the rest of the world. In my opinion, their work. :) But really good hotel with its height of 321 m he automatically becomes the highest hotel in the world. Rooms at the hotel start from 168m2 to 800m2. And the prices range from $ 998 to $ 15100. 

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